An Introduction to Me and My Blog

Hey Shiny followers, great to meet you all. Wow, it is finally launch day for the blog ! I am editing and re-reading drafts and wondering just how interesting it really all is. The panic monster is at the wheel and the first post is a go. I am not sure how I have 5 posts written and ready to go and this one post was so hard for me. It took a while but here it is, finally done and ready to see the world.

Me on a Geocaching adventure. Look at the Harry Potter hoodie.

A Little About me!

Where do I start? I was born in a town on the edge of London…nah just kidding! You do not need to know my life story, that’s not what we are here for. I mainly want to let you know a little about who I am and what all of this waffle I will be writing is about.

Currently I am a jewellery designer at Ooh Shiny Designs, also known out there in the world as Ooh Shiny Jewellery. I have been learning every craft I could since I was a small girl, with a fascination as to how things were made, and had realised that you could make them yourself.

Almost exactly 20 years ago I picked up my first collection of beads to make a bracelet, at that moment a life-long passion was born. These beautiful, tiny objects could create such wonderful things and, as I learned more, my interest and passion only grew. I had found my niche. I spent the next 20 years absorbing everything I could about jewellery-making, and when my designs started to sell I worked out what I really wanted to do with my life. There was a long path ahead of me…but that is a story for another time.

The Ooh Shiny Logo and a Link to My Store

Of course, we are not all just our careers, we have interests and loves outside of work and, as much as my work is my love, those are wonderful to talk about too. I grew up a massive geek, my head was always in a book, usually fantasy or sci-fi, I have a massive devotion to the sciences and I adore a good story.

As I grew I learned what amazing things there were out there for a geek like me to do. At  a young age, I was already hooked on video games, loving a great story and puzzle solving. I remember watching games evolve from a small, pixelated, worm on a screen to being blown away by the cut scenes in Final Fantasy 8.

My next addiction came about when I was introduced to role-play games at college. I was told you could act out those stories, solve those puzzles and save the world, I was hooked. It was not long before I discovered LARP (live-action role-playing). It was the next level up, you could create costumes, exist in a story and make friends with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. You are never too old to play and explore!

It seemed like I was collecting hobbies. When living in the UK I had someone tell me I should take up geocaching, I never really looked into properly until moved to New Zealand. When I finally did I wondered why I had not started this sooner, a massive international treasure hunt, out exploring and finding new places, adventure was ahead.

I still read as much as I can, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, horror. I adore making things whilst binge watching Netflix, a geeks best friend, I can have sat through whole seasons of my favourite show whilst making necklaces for commissions. I still get excited for movies at the cinema, and I love talking about them with my friends.


Why Start a Blog?

Well it is a combination of things, the first reason is business, read any of the books about running your own crafting business and they talk about how you can gain customers by blogging, they will read your posts, follow links and then hopefully buy something.

But, you know what? That is a really boring reason to write a blog, so I thought about what I really wanted to write about and I realised I have all of these hobbies and passions, not just in jewellery. It seemed right to explore them a little further, to tell you about my interests, review movies, suggest podcasts and to explore my personal connection with them, I should write about that!

Of course, that is not what the blog is supposed to do though, it is supposed to bring followers to my jewellery making business, and you know what I also love talking about…jewellery. So why not use my 20 years of knowledge to help people with the same interests at me? Why not post tutorials, talk about where to find beads, show you the creative process, help with hints and tips and expert advice as well as showing you my designs in the meantime? That should be so much more fun! I was finally excited.


So how is this all going to work?

I have been thinking about this for a while, this blog is going to be covering a few things so structure is the name of the game. Therefore this blog will have up to three posts a week, mostly just two on a regular basis. The posts will be published on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Me Monday – occasional updates on me, and the interesting things I have going on in my life. Which is why this blog is a Monday post. These will be fun little posts when I feel I have something personal to say that does not fit into the below boxes.

Work Wednesday (Jewellery Day) – It sounds dull, with a name like Work Wednesday, but actually it will be a lot of fun. This is where all things jewellery will be posted, if you love to learn new skills, want to see how a piece comes together, find out how I find supplies, or how inspiration turns into a piece. This is where you need to go.

Fun Friday (Geek Day) – This is where I will discuss all things geek, from movie reviews to podcasts, LARPing to books. If you wish to hear my views on the world of geek, here is the place to come.

This information should help you know when you want to pop in and have a read.

Welcome to the world of Ooh Shiny Thoughts. It will be great getting to know you!


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