Santa Clarita Diet – Review


OK, if it is not enough for me to say now, this review is going to contain to spoilers. I will keep them to a minimum, but there will be spoilers. Might be good to have a read after you have watched a couple of episodes and then pop on back I’ll wait…

Have you watched some, Oh you binge-watched the whole 10 episodes in one go, welcome to the club! Now let’s go ahead and talk about it shall we?

I almost dismissed this black comedy show when I saw its name and that it starred the lovely Drew Barrymore, expecting some kind of typical comedy with all of the usual family dramas, issues with the neighbors and troubles at work, and you know I was right…or at least I was sort of right.

Episode one starts out so normal, we get a glimpse into married couple’s, Sheila and Joel, and their teenage daughter’s life. The only real hint we have as to what is coming is a pain in Sheila’s stomach, she flinches but then happily heads off to try to sell a house…Where she promptly vomits, and I do not mean she throws up a little! She projectile vomits a tsunami of bile, that coats the walls of the bathroom in enough pea soup it is like she took lessons from the girl from the exorcist. A little on the gross side I must say, but they do not focus on it too much, so the gross out factor and they way it is approached takes the edge of it, after all gross out comedy is only funny to a limit. The rest of the episode escalates until we find out exactly what the issue is Sheila is undead, a zombie, though this does not mean what it means for most zombie movies, she feels more alive and lacks the level of inhibitions she had before…the only problem is she has to eat people.


The rest of the series escalates from there, balancing the family life with the issues that come from being a zombie. The way her husband Joel and her daughter Abby react is wonderfully played out, the level of holding it together in public and keeping up appearances, balanced with glimpses into their real mental state is nicely done. The angst and issues are there, without dragging the show away from what it is, a comedy, all be it quite a black one. The great thing is there is a level of support among the characters that keeps you liking them even when lines are crossed. Add to this and exaggerated characters of the neighbours and you have a show that is like candy, it is fun and colourful, but does not fill you up and you would not want to eat only that…even if I did eat all 10 pieces in one go.

The only issue I really had with this show was the ending, certain things did not seem to fit, though this may be explained, and it seemed to fall a little flat, there may be reasons for characters to act the way they did, but the cliff hanger you get on a lot of seasons just didn’t hit hard, I felt like when I watched it, we know everything is going to be OK in the end, so there is no risk. This does not mean that I would not go rushing out for seconds, if this show does get a second season I am sure that I will sit there and binge watch the rest. It was fun, it was original, and I enjoyed it. It may not be a masterpiece, but sometimes fun is all you need.






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