Logan – A Review 

Logan.jpgSo warning,  I am sure it is no surprise to anyone that this review is likely to come with a few spoilers…so read at your own risk.

The other night my other half surprised me with tickets to see Logan, the idea was to get in there while it was showing in IMAX and I am glad we did, there was a suitable amount of action that the giant screen and extra loud surround sound made it all so worth while.

But Logan isn’t all about the fighting and the violence, is which there is plenty, it has a strong emotional impact. Watching the degeneration of a powerful man like Professor X heading full speed into dementia, is one of the most heartbreaking parts of the movie,  and Patrick Stewart’s portrayal is perfect.

This is not the only part of the movie that tugs on those feels though, Hugh Hickman’s older Wolverine is again often saddening to watch and again the acting is spot on.

The combination of new characters,  old and beloved characters, a dystopian and horrifying future for the mutants and we have a formal that bruised the emotions and left me with tears.

This is not your X-Men in shiny costumes flying jets and showing off just how powerful they are, this is not a bunch of twenty somethings in a school, contemplating their love lives whilst fighting crime. This is gritty, horrifying, distressing and feels so much more real than any of the movies that came before.

I highly recommend seeing this send off for my beloved Wolverine. For 17 years we have stuck with these characters through the good and the bad and this movie I am pleased to say is in the good.


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