The joy of gemstones (ish)

Gemstones combined with bead-work are one of my favourite things about making my own jewellery and I have a few favorites that I love to work with.

Mountain “Jade” – AKA dolomite marble

OK so this stone is not actually remotely jade. It is just a nickname for a high quality dolomite marble. What I love about this stone is its colour. The stone can be dyed a variety of colours to give a beautiful, solid colour. This is great for when a piece requires that look, especially where stones of a certain colour can be hard to obtain. I really love it in red and purple, you get a deep rich colour other stones cannot give you.



Moonstone is a beautifully romantic stone,  this stone is a lovely pearlesant white until it catches the light, when suddenly flashes of electric blue dart through it. This is a great stone to use when you really want to show of the stone, but also keep things simple and elegant.



There is so much to be said about this beautiful stone. It is great as a background stone against your work,  or is awesome as a feature piece in itself. Again my love from this stone comes from its inner glow. The colours gleam in a way that feels magical,  and it no great surprise that the Inuit people believe that it is part of the Aurora Borealis falling from the sky. Though I have not used this stone is much as I would like I will still keep it as a favorite.



This is another versatile stone. The various types and colours of this stone mean you will find a bit for most pieces you wish to work with.

The Maleficent is a piece I made with dragon scale agate,  the scale style markings and stunning colour meant that this stone became a feature all on its own. Head to a gem store and have a look at the variety, you will not be lacking in choice.


Gold Stone.JPG

This is a man-made and glass, so not really a stone, but the beauty of this glass cannot be denied. My personal favourite is blue goldstone and it reminds me of a stary night, it sparkles in the light, and again makes a good focus for any piece,  without pulling attention away from a more detailed peice. Beads of blue goldstone compliment silver beads beautifully and create something stylish and elegant.



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