Playing With Colour

An essential part of the designing process when it comes to jewellery and other crafts is the colours. A great use of colour can make or break a piece, and different colours can give a different feel. For example, my Celtic dragon necklace has been made in 3 different colour schemes, each giving the piece … More Playing With Colour

Coming Undone

Recently I have had a nasty cold that took me out after the last LARP I did, (there is a post about it from last Friday, the LARP, not the cold) and it meant that I did not have a lot of energy to do the organising and tidying I had planned for the week, … More Coming Undone

Crewing in a LARP

LARP, Live Action Role Play, where you act out a story in an improvised fashion, within a set of rules and a world create by a GM, Games Master or, usually for LARP’s, a team of GM’s.  LARP’s usually consist of 3 sets of people. The first is the players, they have their own sets … More Crewing in a LARP

Elitism in Fandoms

I often make the joke that ‘I have never met a fandom I didn’t like’, when asked about what kind of things I like. It is no great secret that I embrace many things geek, and therefore there are lot of people I interact with within these various fandoms on a day-to-day basis. Sadly, in … More Elitism in Fandoms