What you need to know about earring findings.

There are a variety of different ways for us to wear earrings, from hooks to studs and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Here is a little bit of information as to when and why I use each of these earring findings. As a lot of the jewellery I design is for people who wear costumes, what findings I use can be very important.

Hooked Earwires

A good, classic option here, the hook. This simple wire slips through the hole in your ears and requires little to no fiddling to get it on, just through the hole and it is on. This is a great advantage, no one wants to be fiddling around unnecessarily with their jewellery. They also look wonderful, the shape of them and the way they dangle is elegant and eye catching, there is a reason they are a classic.

The disadvantage of this type of finding though is that it is not very secure. I would not recommend these for anything where you are going to be too active, there is chance they could slip out and be gone forever.

In summary these classic hooks are beautiful, light and easy, but you might not want to use them if you are going to be running around or dancing a lot.

Earring Hooks
Hooked Earwires
Lever Backs

In a way these are a variation on the classic hook. They dangle, they slip through the ear and they close with a simple push, so though slightly more effort to put on, they are not exactly fiddly and as they have the added extra security of a closed loop, as well as more variety than the classic hook for decoration and details.

The I love these types of hooks but I find one small disadvantage, almost every pair of earrings I have had with these types of hooks have eventually broken on at least one earring. The lever on these earrings is very delicate. This is not to say that they break right away, but they do break eventually and I have to replace them. Other than that, they are great earrings.

In summary this lovely style of hook is more secure, they are no to fiddly to use, but it likely that they will, eventually, break. In the mean time though you will find that at least you are much more unlikely to lose one on a fun night out.

Leverback Ear Wires
Earstud Findings

These are the findings that go straight through your ear and are held on with an earnut. These are wonderful to wear for security, it is highly unlikely that these will fall out as they are held on securely, with either a curled metal earnut, or a flat plastic metal earnut.

They also come in a wonderful variety. They can be flat to create a more simple stud look, or they come with a hoop at the bottom to allow for dangle earrings. They can be patterned, with swirls, suns, flowers, filigree and so much more.

The one small disadvantage is that people can find them fiddly to put on and occasionally they might lose an earnut. The good thing is that earnuts are easily replaced, and if you lose one you do not have to worry about not being able to wear your set again.

In summary, these are really secure, give a great variety of styles and if you lose the earnut they are pretty easy to replace.

Earstuds with plastic earnuts


Non-Pierced Earring Findings

These come in two major types, the first is the lever clasp. The advantage of these are that they just clip on. Open, place and close and they are on. They are also usually pretty secure as the grip on a lot of these is pretty strong. Again they also come in a lovely range of varieties, giving you the chance to personalise to your style or design. The disadvantage of these is that, it has been reported to me from my non-pierced friends and others, that this strong grip can hurt after a while and be uncomfortable, meaning they often end up in a handbag at by the end of the evening.

Clip on
Clip On Earring Finding

The second type is the screw clasp, this one is fiddly to put on, but as you can adjust it a little more it tends to be more comfortable. Again they come in a wonderful variety of styles, but as they are a little less secure, they cannot take heavier designs. They are also slightly more likely to come off if you are going out for a more active evening. A nice choice though if you are looking for a little more comfort and are not going to moving around too much.

Screw findings.jpg
Screw on Earring Findings

I hope this helps give you a bit of help when you are buying, commissioning or designing your own earrings. Is there anything else you like me to talk about on my blog, why not mention on the comments below and I will be happy to share a little of my knowledge.


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