Coming Undone

Recently I have had a nasty cold that took me out after the last LARP I did, (there is a post about it from last Friday, the LARP, not the cold) and it meant that I did not have a lot of energy to do the organising and tidying I had planned for the week, instead I spent all of my time doing accounting, ordering things and creating, and while I was doing this I was binge listening to Podcasts. I had picked up on a podcast called Science Vs through another podcast, and this had an advert on it for another podcast called Undone.

Link to the Undone Podcast

I was a little hooked on it, so much so I listened to it all in a 24 hour period, fascinated by the goings on. It is a podcast about what happens after the news stops reporting, it reminds you that life is still going on, and those events are still having consequences that are still going on today.

The first episode is about Disco Demolition night, the night in 1979 where a promotional stunt rewarding people for bringing in disco records to burn went horribly wrong. It focuses on what maybe really drove the riots, what happened to Disco after that night, but more importantly that it might be the night that disco died, but something else was born.

Life is all about stories, that is all memories are, stories we store to focus on again and again, to keep retelling, and we often forget that our story isn’t finished. We might tell the story again and again of something silly we did at university, but that action likely had consequences we do not think of today. It is easy for us to forget that life is just one long chain of events, set off like a domino.

As I said before I was hooked on the show, I had the whole new thing romance. I discovered it, I started listening to it, I fell in love with it and then found out it was cancelled, all in the course of 24 hours (not because of ratings though, apparently difficulty, which I can understand).

As I geek this is an experience I am used to, OK maybe not all in 24 hours, but it is a sad thing that this feeling is something us fans have come to expect. It can take a little time for a fandom to build, and though somethings may hit it off right away and just keep growing there are a lot if TV shows I have discovered and fallen in love with. I have either binge watched them or waited eagerly for the next episode each each week, only for it to get to the end of the season and we do not get a renewal.

TV show cancelled

My other half and I have not had regular television now for 10 years, we use Netflix and other such streaming services, and things have been so much better for it. For one we do not have adverts breaking up the momentum of the show every 10 minutes (watching National Geographic at my parents place was awful, they kept stopping the show to advertise themselves, why not just do that at the end and change the scheduling a bit?), you can binge watch if you want to, you get recommendations for new shows, there is no flicking through channels, things run on your schedule. It seems that this way of viewing things is becoming more common and that television like that is an outdated concept. The other advantage of watching TV like this is the success of TV shows is not measured on unrealistic ratings, and it allows people to discover and for fandoms to build.





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