My Favourite Podcasts – Part 2

A while ago I wrote a post singing the praises of a variety of Podcasts, but I listen to so many, and Podcasts come and Podcasts go, that I feel it is time to add another bunch of podcasts to my list of favourites, so without much further ado, here we go…

The Once and Future Nerd.

Oh I have been binge listening to this one so much over the last few weeks. It was recommended to me by a friend who started to get into podcasts through recommendations I made. It is nice to see them coming back to me and such good ones.

I was dubious about this one as I first started to listen to it, it is about a bunch of high school children that get teleported into a fantasy land, full of douchebag elves, noble warriors and misunderstood outlaws. The kids start of rather grating, but, as they take the backseat the world takes forefront to the story and you are left caught up in the story of this new place you have been brought too.

One word of warning, this is a very adult story, graphic violence, sex references, tiny swears and a few big swears, also some tackling of the bigger issues such as women’s rights and the mythical land of ‘Friend Zone’. It is no holds barred in it’s approach to its story telling and I assure you it is an adventure worth joining.

The link to The Once And Future Nerd Website

Urban legends, folk tales and local myths take the forefront in this well researched podcast. The host tells each story in a dispassionate yet creepy way, without pushing to far and this matter of fact way of telling each tale and talking about the witness reports, pushes up the creep factor just a notch.

It tells stories about legends and folk tales you might know, or ones you have never heard of, it is presented in a way that does not push one way or another on the truth which means even as a skeptic you can enjoy the story, the research and the history of each tale.

With high production values, binge-worthy and high quality content, my advice to you is to head off and download it now.

Link to the Lore Podcast
The No Sleep Podcast

Though there are times when I do not feel that this podcast holds its own in story quality to a lot of the other podcasts I listen to, it is a still a favourite of mine to listen to. It is a bunch of stories from the Reddit forum, The No Sleep Forum, and they have been put together and read by a variety of voice actors from around the world. Each episode contains at least two stories, though if you are paying for a season pass for later seasons, you get more content. An interesting way for a podcast to keep up with an expensive and time consuming production. I have not added the season pass myself (I am still 800 podcasts behind in my binge listening, I do not need to add longer episodes) but there is a lot more content and it is a very reasonable price for what you get.

As it is a collection of stories from a forum, it can sometimes drop a little in its story telling quality, but the next story in the episode often makes up for it. I have had times where I have been listening to an episode in the house alone and I have managed to creep myself out. Well worth it.

No Sleep.jpg
Link to The No Sleep Podcast
Science Vs

I have a strong background in science and keep up with a lot of what is going on in the world of various sciences in a variety of ways and I do not know about you, but in this world of media exaggeration, alternative facts and flat earth theorists it is nice to have a voice of reason.

Science Vs takes a, mostly, unbiased look at topics of controversy and use facts, figures, research and experts to talk about the facts behind the issues people worry about. GMO foods, immigrants, climate change and even the g-spot are tackled in this interesting, sometimes amusing and fact filled podcast.

You will be able to whip your knowledge next time someone tells you that ‘Immigrants are ruining this country!’ Or that climate change is conspiracy. Oh I feel even this review is filled with controversy.

Science Vs.jpg
Link To The Science Vs Podcast
Honourable Mentions

Unsolved Murders – I really wanted to love this Podcast as I adore a good mystery. The reason this one is only on honourable mentions is the way the podcast is presented. There is a lot of dramatisation and the acting is often a little on the rough side. I feel it is a little more focused on the drama than the facts, to the point where they will have conversations and scenes acted out which did not have witnesses, meaning that there is more speculation than facts. That does not mean that this is a bad podcast, I am enjoying it. It is fun to listen to, the information that is included is fascinating and there are unsolved murders that they list that I sometimes never heard of.

Link to The Unsolved Murders Podcast

Darkest Night – This creepy and disturbing podcast has so much potential. The reason this one is one the honourable mentions is that there has only been one season so far, but that one had me hooked, dark horror, mysteries and conspiracies. A great hook between each of the stories. Go and listen to this one now. I would love to say more but it would all be spoilers. Let’s just say we are focusing on events through the eyes of peoples last moments, we have scientists and large corporations. Oh and let’s not forget to mention that is stars Lee Pace! The only reason that this is not firmly in the list of favourites is that there is only one season so far, but I have no doubt that the second season will keep up the quality.

Darkest Night.jpg
Link to the Darkest Night Podcast

I am still always looking for new podcasts to listen to, why not tell me in the comments below what you love, or why not head off and try something new if you have not listened to the ones above.


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