Foolish Minecrafters

Previously I have blogged about my love of MineCraft and how I can spend hours sucked into the creation of awesome bases, watching people play and taking over Discord with friends.


There is a relatively new mod in town, created by one of the HermitCraft lot, Iskall85, and that is FoolCraft. I started watching people play and was completely excited by the pack, I had ideas for builds before I even had a server, I wanted to play with this pack badly.

Why not head on over to Iskall85’s YouTube Channel to find out more.

It took a little while to convince the others who were all stuck down the Sky Factory rabbit hole, but eventually a FoolCraft server was up and running and people migrated over.

It started out a bit of a disaster, we are used to playing alone and there were mobs we had never seen. I was starving to death constantly and for some reason hiding in a hole through the night didn’t even occur to me. After a couple of hours we were set up with a very basic group base, but it was time to part ways and explore. We exploded out onto the server heading off away from each other to all points of the compass. I knew what I was looking for, I wanted a beautiful biome called Mystic Grove, a gorgeous area filled with purple water and turquoise trees, I had my idea and I was sticking to it.

So what is it that really excited me about this pack? Well let’s start with exploring. Exploring in vanilla Minecraft can get boring pretty quickly. Once you have seen all of the biomes and have collected all of the materials that is it, there is little reason to explore any more. This pack has Biomes-a-plenty, this means that there are not only more biomes to find, but there are so many more materials to find. It is also jus so much more beautiful.

With the exploring there are also other random things to find, abandoned towers, pets that are hidden away on clouds, chance cubes (little cubes that you open and give you a random effect, from falling down a huge hole to diamonds appearing from no where. It just adds more to the game and makes it more fun.

It is made for convenience. The idea of this pack is to have fun. Unlike some packs which are designed to be hard, you start very basic and work your way up to the end game, you follow technology trees or fight massive bosses. This is a pack you can work however you wish, you can head down a technology tree,  or you can just get most of what you need from breeding chickens.

I honestly spent two days just running around exploring. The next day I spent breeding chickens to ensure I had all of them for ease of resources, I just want to build all of my fabulous ideas. This doesn’t mean I still do not have to build obsidian farms, slime farms, giant chests and work out how to power it all. It just means I can take my time and play as I want.

So why not try this fantastic new mod pack and be prepared to have a lot of fun, pranking your friends as a swimming enderman, laugh like a five year old as you fart on crops to grow them, use chisel and bits and the architecture mod to create amazing things you would never be able in vanilla and build unnecessarily huge machines.



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