Jewellery Showcase

It has been a busy week here at Ooh Shiny, after a busy weekend. So today’s blog post is going to be simple and fun, just a few photos of some of my favourite designs from my shop and some commissions I really enjoyed. If you wish to see more of my stuff or contact me for a commission my store is here or my Facebook page

Having always been a huge Harry Potter fan, it was a real pleasure to make this Golden Snitch necklace using an aromatherapy charm. I could not help throwing in a dash of the Gryffindor colours.

Harry Potter

I love dragons, there is something about them that has drawn me in for years. Naturally they make their way into my jewellery and this new design in my store is a real favourite of mine.


Beads were one of the things that really got me into designing my own jewellery and as my skills increased I found a love for bead embroidery. This Purple Dream necklace is stunning and a pleasure to make.

Purple Dream.jpg

Along the same lines this Sea Foam Heart necklace is gorgeous and you can take the charm off for a beautiful pearl necklace.  Some designs are just so hard to part with.

IMG_20170123_171933 (1)

Some designs are inspired by found objects or things that come up in conversation. This Post Apocalyptic Priestess necklace is one of them. It is made out of recycled leather and bullet casings. A long conversation one night about post apocalyptic style left me with this piece being created.

Bullet Necklace 3.jpg

This has to be my favourite commission. This is a beaded choker, the choker itself is beaded, but it is so slinky and shiny there is no way of actually showing just how it moves and feels in a photo. The client adores it and I have to admit it was so hard to part with.

Moth Choker.jpg


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