Three Webseries For MMO players

The Guild

A classic in the world of MMO webseries. It follows Cyd Sherman, played by Felica Day, a reclusive gamer whose main contact with the outside world is through her online guild. When on of them creepily arrives on her doorstep she decides it is time they all met face to face. The characters are quirky and exaggerated. The awkwardness is kind of refreshing and, as the show gets bigger, we get appearances of the likes of Will Wheaton and spawned a somewhat catchy song. A great series and highly recommended.

The Guild.jpg
Click On the Image to Find out more.


AFK the Webseries

This show is filmed in New Zealand and uses the stunning scenery to it’s advantage. Though that is not what makes this show so awesome though. The series is based around a bunch of people that wake up as the characters in the game they are playing. This is more than awkward for a variety of reasons. The show can be brutal, heartbreaking and hilarious. I watched the whole of season one in one go and do far I am loving the character extras. Great heroes, villains, fantastic costumes and strong female leads.

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Epic NPC Man

In the vein of filmed in NZ, this show is filmed outside a hut in Howick historical village and focuses around an aware NPC in an MMO. Each episode is only a few minutes long, and features a well known event or issue in all MMO’s, from assassin stealth to sexist costumes. It is well acted and the lead characters expressions are perfect. The setting is perfect and the character names are always good for a laugh. Head on over and have a watch now.

EPC Npc Man.jpg
Click on the link to watch Season 1.

If you have any webseries you would like to recommend, please do, I am always happy to hear more suggestions.


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