Where has all my money gone? A Game Sale!

Oh my…it is that time of year again. I am getting e-mails in my inbox telling me, ‘An Item on your wish-list is on sale!’, my wallet is surprisingly bereft of money and I am thinking I need so much more time in the day. Yes it is the Steam sale again, a time when every PC gamer looks at their library and asks, ‘Do I really have enough games?’

The answer is of course….No! How can you possibly have enough games when those prices are so shiny. You have always wanted to replay those classic Indianna Jones point and click adventures haven’t you? Well now buy the whole bundle for a ridiculously low price, add them to your library where these games will sit un-played for a year or more as you make your way through 300 other games you could just not resist.

Steam Sale 2.jpg

This is the time of year where all of those ‘Oh you really must play this game!’ games that you stuck on your wish list for future purchases suddenly drop so drastically in price that ‘Just one more game!’, ‘It only costs a few dollars!’, ‘It is 75% off!’ becomes your mantra!

This is the time of year when your fellow gamers Facebook pages are full of memes of ‘Shut up and take my money!’ and pictures of empty wallets.

Steam Sale

The time of year when steam achievements for the number of games owned start appearing on your friends profiles.

This is the time of year when you put something in your basket to be told you already own that game….a purchase from another sale maybe? Part of a bundle pack? Had you even heard of that one before?

Those tempting little prices appear on the front page, each with a little green -50% off, -75%. Your queue is full of games you have never even heard of, but for that price and with those reviews how could you not?

Steam Sale 3

When you head into your favourite genre and click on specials to find 200 plus discounted games. Surely a few more will not hurt. Next thing you know you have spent so much money on ‘Such a bargain’

I would like to complain, I would like to bemoan the fact that I am purchasing so many games with so little time to actually play them, but you know what who cares, those classic Final Fantasy games are half price at the moment and I have been wanting to replay them forever! So I think I will buy just one more game!



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