Musketeers and Jewellery

As some of you know I have recently been to a Musketeers themed masked ball. The costuming level was incredible and some people had taken this to the next step with their jewellery choices as well.

The book, The Three Musketeers, was set between 1625 and 1628, early baroque era. In France King Louis XIII was reigning and him, his wife Queen Anne and the infamous Cardinal Richelieu were alive, years later were to become the main focus of a book that was going to become the centre of so many TV shows, movies and re-writes. With it being full of daring and adventure, sword fights and betrayal, kings and church, was it any surprise that this story ingrained itself in our hearts and culture. Mention this book to anyone and they will all have various images in mind, each one maybe depending on the adaption they have seen, most of these are images skewed with a modern twist, the idea of them being coolthentic, rather than authentic.

We get this in the wonderful BBC adaption, where the costumes are beautiful and the details are wonderful. With all of that they are better looking than some of the clothes from this era, they are made more to what we consider fitting at this time.

The Musketeers, was set just as jewellery started to change in the Renaissance era as dresses became a little less rigid and more flowing, this is very clear in French Fashion at the time. With lower necklines strings of pearls were worn around necks, keeping a simple compliment to an ornate dress. Catholicism was a major part of the French court at this time so a crucifix or cross would worn. These could be very ornate with carving and details.

Baroque Necklace.jpg
Pendant design by Daniel Mignot from the early 17th century. Click on image for more information on Baroque Jewellery.

For design style an arabesque style jewellery was really starting to come into fashion at the time, and this motive was common in a lot of jewellery at the time. Arabesque is an intricate design of interwoven, flowing lines, composed in a geometric pattern. They would often have scrolls, hearts, and a lot of floral designs and fruits. Pea-pods were popular in these designs at the time.

Gemstones were also starting to be cut in more ornate ways and set in a more interesting fashion, so precious gems increased in popularity.

Large brooches were worn at the top of a neckline on the bust and earrings were long and ornate, with the same arabesque and gemstone themes.

The films seem to get this right, mixing it with the changes that we would have had at this time. We get beautifully ornate jewellery drapping off of Queen Anne and simple pendants hanging from Milady’s ribbon. Though each portrayal reflects the time it was made.

Baroque style jewellery is beautiful and in this era we are just starting to see where it can really go.


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