Welcome to Ooh Shiny Thoughts, the blog that is the written expression of my all of my jewellery and geeky thoughts.

Wednesdays will give you insights into how I design jewellery, tutorials, recommendations of beading books and so much more. If you love making jewellery, wearing jewellery or just learning about the creative process then this is the day for you.

Fridays you will get updates on all things geek, from games, LARPing, movie reviews, Podcasts, and again so much more. This will be the day for you to get a a glimpse into my relationship with my hobbies and strongly worded opinions on the things I love as well as more recommendations.

Monday, that is all about me, there may not be so many of these but, if you are like me and you love to know the person behind the words today is the day I will giving you occasional insights into the inner-workings of a restless, geeky, jewellery designer.

I hope you enjoy your visit, make a cuppa, settle in and I look forward to getting to know you all.