Sexuality In Podcasts

Podcasts slowly entering the mainstream, as life becomes busier and word spreads, technology improves and millions commute everyday it is no great surprise that audio drama is increasing in popularity, but they are still a little on the fringe market. This fringe market is where Podcasts started, and it was great to not only be … More Sexuality In Podcasts

Foolish Minecrafters

Previously I have blogged about my love of MineCraft and how I can spend hours sucked into the creation of awesome bases, watching people play and taking over Discord with friends. There is a relatively new mod in town, created by one of the HermitCraft lot, Iskall85, and that is FoolCraft. I started watching people … More Foolish Minecrafters

Coming Undone

Recently I have had a nasty cold that took me out after the last LARP I did, (there is a post about it from last Friday, the LARP, not the cold) and it meant that I did not have a lot of energy to do the organising and tidying I had planned for the week, … More Coming Undone