Foolish Minecrafters

Previously I have blogged about my love of MineCraft and how I can spend hours sucked into the creation of awesome bases, watching people play and taking over Discord with friends. There is a relatively new mod in town, created by one of the HermitCraft lot, Iskall85, and that is FoolCraft. I started watching people … More Foolish Minecrafters

Coming Undone

Recently I have had a nasty cold that took me out after the last LARP I did, (there is a post about it from last Friday, the LARP, not the cold) and it meant that I did not have a lot of energy to do the organising and tidying I had planned for the week, … More Coming Undone

S-Town Podcast 

I listen to so many podcasts out there that I have to scroll down on my iTunes feed. They are of varying quality, and a variety of themes and I often find new podcasts through friends recommendations and hearing about them on other podcasts. This was how I found Serial. Series one had me hooked … More S-Town Podcast