Coming Undone

Recently I have had a nasty cold that took me out after the last LARP I did, (there is a post about it from last Friday, the LARP, not the cold) and it meant that I did not have a lot of energy to do the organising and tidying I had planned for the week, … More Coming Undone

S-Town Podcast 

I listen to so many podcasts out there that I have to scroll down on my iTunes feed. They are of varying quality, and a variety of themes and I often find new podcasts through friends recommendations and hearing about them on other podcasts. This was how I found Serial. Series one had me hooked … More S-Town Podcast 

My Favorite Podcasts

When you work making things with your hands TV shows and movies are not really the best thing to pass the time, for me this leaves audio-books and podcasts. Although I do love my audio-books (Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter anyone) I get a kick out of the variety and surprises you get with Podcasts. … More My Favorite Podcasts